Who would have thought that a simple seller would be a catalyst of changing lives for the greater?

That’s the question I casually ask myself. But believe it or not, I only have this hard-to-build yet powerful thing called “FAITH”.

It started with a faith of compassion for others. This deeply moves me as I look back to everything I went through. I started selling graham balls, lip-tints and other beauty products since I was in high school. I needed the money to fund my projects and school expenses, in that way, I’d helped my family by supporting and taking care of myself. I invested faith in others, especially in my classmates and friends, for them to buy my products, then it worked. It got me through college until I graduated.

Years passed when I realized that I have a gift of selling. From a simple business idea to a small profit-generating opportunity for me to sustain my other personal expenses and passion. Then, a lot of ideas walked through, until, the history of 3,500 foam cleansers has been written. These were the moments that are full of doubt at first. “What if I fail?”, “What if I lose everything?”, “What if my products aren’t good enough?”, but then, I managed to conquer. I managed to put my faith even to uncertain things, to only trust His plans, and His words that “HE WILL PROVIDE”. And so, He did.

As heartbreaking as it can be, not everyone can be pleased — some will turn their backs when you ask for a little faith. But, one thing I’ve learned is that you should not beg for faith — because there will ALWAYS be people (one or many) that will put their trust in you before you even think of asking them. These are the people who I will always be grateful for their existence, and still, my daily inspiration. These are my family — for supporting and loving me since day 0; close friends and people who always believing in me & RyxSkincerity. These are the people you should be focusing on because they want you to be happy and be part of your success.

And so it is, I genuinely want you to be part of this wonderful journey of Ryx Skincerity; of how we will change lives for the better; of how we will empower people to build their confidence; and of how we will use faith in the Lord to conquer different battles. This faith continues to bless me and be a channel of blessings to others.

Who would have thought that from a simple faith, you would have changed lives? Now, we can all think that it really does change lives.