The comfort you need to slay the day is here. Introducing the revolutionary Anion-type Sanitary Napkins.
This feminine pads with Negative Ions, Nano Silver and FAR Infrared will give you extra comfort and
protection as it effectively enhances its anti-bacterial capabilities.

Infused with Negative Ions to increase the oxygen volume in the air to kill the harmful anaerobic bacteria
and helps to activate cells. Nano-Silver to help kill bacteria, antibacterial, reduce odor and reduce vaginal
discharge. Lastly, FAR Infrared topromote blood circulation and reduce menstrual pain.

This Anion sanitary napkin’s surface is made from sterilized cotton that is softer, thinner and more
comfortable. Also, it can absorb trice as much as the amount of fluid than traditional napkin can.
The packaging of this sanitary napkin adopts the aluminum foil which meets the high-quality hygiene
standard. The reusable, easy-pull seal is more likely to be dampproof, mildewproof and fungusproof than
the other materials.


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