Keep your skin beautiful inside and out. Kenpakubijin is packed with a generous amount of Glutathione,
Collagen and Vitamin C – three powerful ingredients that your body needs to keep you looking healthy
and glowing inside and out. This trio helps you feel less groggy, heavy-headed and irritated while
focusing on skin-whitening, brightening, cell revitalization and overall immune system.

Kenpakubijin illuminates the beauty that comes from a healthy body. This all-natural beauty-enhancing
supplement is Japan Health Ministry Certified, FDA Notified, HALAL Certified with Good Manufacturing
Practice (GMP), hence, guaranteed safe to use.

Take one capsule every morning and night when our glutathione levels are at its lowest to boost your
beautiful skin from within. With Kenpakubijin, start feeling and looking beautifully different inside and


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